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We maintain high standards of education at Orient Flights Civil Aviation Academy (OFCAA), being one of the best institutes for aviation courses in India. Each lesson is taught in the same method irrespective of the faculty. We follow a 3-step method of theory, classroom practical and practical exercises to ensure that every part of the lesson, leading to enduring understanding.

Cabin Crew Training Programme

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Ground Staff Training Programme

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Features of the Course

At Orient Flights Civil Aviation Academy (OFCAA), 3 months course of cabin and ground crew training is commenced with the following features, that help our students become professional in their future work. We strive to be one of the best institutes for aviation courses in India by offering student-centered features to all our courses.

Airline Visit

The institute believes in learning from experience, hence our students are brought to a nearby international airport to interact with Airline cabin crew, ground crew and airport officers.

In-flight Catering Visit

Students enrolled in our cabin crew program also visit in-flight catering units like Oberoi in Chennai, for learning the process and ethics involved in serving the passengers in flight.

Expert Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are organized periodically for our students where they receive valuable idea from industry experts from aviation industry like airports, airlines and universities.

Aviation Expo

Exposure to creative aviation skills through participation in aircraft or aviation expo is highly encouraged at our academy. Students also receive presentations about the field.

Swimming Classes

Cabin crew must be able to swim and be fit for the service in flight. As a part of safety measure, cabin crew students are encouraged to undertake  swimming classes that we offer.

Fire Fighting & Safety

As a part of safety measure skills both cabin and ground crew must possess, our students are given fully-fledged fire fighting training through St. John’s Ambulance in Chennai.

First Aid Training

All our cabin crew students will undertake a professional first-aid training through our safety partner St. John’s Ambulance in Chennai, making them fit for saving life in need.

Aviation Grooming

Aviation grooming and personal grooming sessions are conducted for our cabin and ground crew students respectively, at OFCAA’s dedicated grooming studio profile in the campus.

Air Ticketing & Software

Technologies related to aviation, fares, ticketing, load and trim are taught using Amadeus software such that our students can face similar situations on the job with ease.

 On Completion of the Course

Internship from Aviation Industry

On completion of the course, our students receive internship from aviation industry for adding experience and credibility to their knowledge and expertise in being a professional cabin and ground crew

100% Placement Assistance

Placement assistance after successful completion of the course is provided for the students. We help them become employable and marketable in the aviation industry through individual student counselling